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With BeeCore, you can reach high quality customers of your choice.

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Most prospects want to know that you’ve done your research and they aren’t in a giant database. With Just a Human, we create a personalised lead generation campaign, that combines multiple channels such as LinkedIn, email and telephone calls for maximum effect.

We don’t use automation; we do our homework and find compelling reasons to speak with our leads. Once again, our lead generation campaign will end with a highly qualified appointment after the lead has been engaged and qualified.

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If your ideal customers are large global customers, or even difficult-to-reach national types, we have a strategy for that as well. When going after big accounts, personalisation is important, but creating an account-based marketing strategy for every prospect is crucial.

BeeCore will create a lead generation strategy that will open doors in hard-to-open places. That means mapping the account’s ideal contacts, creating content that will deliver those contacts value, and delivering it to our leads across multiple channels personalised at every touch point.

This is a long-term strategy and has a very high conversion rate. 

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