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Testing and measuring your strategy

Being impulsive is great, but with every great idea you need to measure the success to make sure you’re on the right track. Testing and measuring can provide the hard evidence needed to establish a solid strategy. Here are some guidelines for you to think about for your next great idea! 


1. Test and measure with a minimum spend and then pay attention to your audiences' reaction. Here's why:  


You will likely come across many great ideas from successful businesses and leaders, but their strategies may not work for your audiences. Even with multiple case studies, there is not a “one size fits all” strategy for you to take ownership of. So, it is critical to ensure you test with a smaller budget first, or a limited number of hours and measure the response. Once you’ve proven it to yourself, then you can go nuts! 


2. Test and measure every stage of your sales process 


At every step of the sales process, you’ll find drop-off, but most times the sales teams only focus on Winning vs Losing. In reality there could be some specific bottlenecks in your process that are causing you to lose. It is important to measure the conversion of each step of your sales funnel, if you find that one or more have a higher drop off, then it's likely you need to make a change! 


3. A/B testing 


Not sure what your prospects desire? A/B testing is a great way to identify your client's preferences. A/B testing is a method that compares two versions of your marketing material to figure out which performs the best. When writing email templates, it is important to experiment on what gets high open rates, so try two different subjects, compare the results and lean on the most successful. Do minor changes across all of your content and compare. 


4. Establish stretched goals  


The most common way of keeping yourself on the right track is to establish stretched goals. Commonly known as OKRs, which help businesses to dream big and create a challenging environment for your teams. Setting your KPI is OK, but it's important to think beyond them. OKRs enable you to create a lofty goal (Be Rich) and set Quantifiable targets against it (Generate 10 new sales opps & £1MILLION new revenue).  


Listen to Kevin Riley & I talk about testing and measuring below 


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