Virtual Selling 101

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Selling virtually enables us to be more prepared than ever before. We no longer need to waste time in travelling across the country or even abroad. This means we can spend more time In research, and creative parts of the sales journey, like a great deck specifically designed for your lead. 



1. Plan ahead 


It goes without saying to find a quiet place, and ensure you have your connection working. It is also important that you have a clear agenda in mind for your zoom call. This can be shared to your prospect prior to the event, or even at the very beginning. Also make a big note of what you want to get out of this meeting, maybe it's to learn a specific challenge within their business or even the decision-making process. Outline what you want to know, and within your agenda make room for the discovery. Also don’t forget to close your emails, mute your notifications, and bring your note book! 


2. It's face to face! 



Online meetings are still face to face. It is so important that you turn on your video, and even encourage your lead to do the same. Human beings communicate more through body language than the words we speak, so being able to see your lead will enable to you communicate with them far more than just speech. Also having your camera on makes things more personal, its easier to build rapport with a face you can see than a logo and a light! 


3. Be professional 




As a salesperson, maintaining a decent image is part of the job as it is a reflects your credibility. In times like this, people are getting comfortable, sometimes way too comfortable. Cluttered home, wrinkled shirt, the asymmetrical beard should be avoided at all cost. Being approachable and easy to talk to is an advantage, but there is a difference between being casual and untidy. When meeting a new lead, keep it casual and professional at the same time.  


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