Landing & Expanding

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Land and expand, in pretty simple terms, means starting small before expanding into other areas. A lot of the time when you go in too big, your prospect can be turned off by it. Being too forward, too fast with your potential clients will turn them off from you and your business, and you will lose a chance at the deal. What's worse, you may lose any other opportunity with them in the future.


Land & Expand is a Business Strategy – Not a Sales Tactic | Chasm Group


A much more practical and attractive approach is to close a smaller deal.

Landing a single, smaller, and more targeted deal will let you work alongside your client as a trusted partner and service partner.


Take BeeCore, we start working with most customers with a simple low cost, lead generation campaign. We deliver a successful campaign and begin to identify other ways we can help our customers like account-based selling, or creating content.

The land and expand strategy works on the notion that your current customers are also your best sources of revenue, and that upselling and cross-selling engagements will exist when you know your customers well, and when they trust you.

It starts when you land that simple deal with an organization. A healthy relationship is formed between the seller and the client, founded on trust through the provision of exemplary services.

You then manage this customer like a key-account and continue to provide services into the organization, earning more significant deals and projects across different departments.

To implement this, these are some broad steps. (with some examples)

  1. Land a relatively small deal with a client.
    Beecore: monthly lead generation
  2. Provide services to it, to deepen relations and trust.
    Beecore: Content creation + lead Generation 
  3. Expand by conquering opportunities within the same organizations
    Beecore: 5x Targeted industry campaigns for key accounts

It is 10x easier to sell inside an existing relationship, than build and develop a new one from scratch.

Happy selling