Hunger for your wants but satiate your needs

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It’s a known fact that every company’s end goal is profit and these profits are attained through work, effort, planning and execution. It looks rather easy when listed out in four words but it’s more than just knowing it. You’ve probably planned out what you want, but does it include what you need to do? 



A common mistake made by many startups and ever a number of renowned companies are not focusing on their necessities but going straight for the desires they have instead. You’re probably wondering if this is really the case so let's assess it together. Let's break down the 3 segments, first being the Business, then Employees and finally Environment. This is a summarized version of how we do it at BeeCore so you can get the gist of it, you can plan out whatever segment is important to you and throw it into the mix.  


Business – What we want to do is break down the Business. BeeCore for instance, is a startup Sales Accelerator company and its aim is to assist all companies through its sales expertise to achieving their full potential. Now this is what we want, but what do we need to do to accomplish this?  BeeCore looks into staff training and hold weekly meetings to ensure its employees are always learning and on their toes. There are also weekly discussions where the company owner not only checks up on statuses but shares the fresh information he gets from his clients, helping the staff work with more insight and drive. 


Employees – You guessed it, a company is made up of the employees and employer, but while the employer knows exactly what he or she wants done, not all or even any employees would know what’s on the Employers mind, so it takes extra care and nurturing to get them to see the light. Again, what we want, but what do we need to do to accomplish this? BeeCore gets its employees involved, there is no bigger person than the other and everyone gets a turn at the table to speak their mind. Sometimes even the founder learns something new by just taking the backseat and letting the employees run wild with their ideas. Alas, not all wild ideas are solid enough, which is where our founder gives his two cents to help realize the idea into a strategy.  


Environment - Finally, we have the environment. Most companies “give back” to society by doing their social responsibilities, be it building schools, planting trees, giving out scholarships and the lot. This is definitely what we want and I’m not saying it isn’t what we need, but is it what mother nature needs? BeeCore has gone paperless (Of course we still keep notepads!) to make a difference. While it’s a miniscule effort, it does make much of a difference. BeeCore looks to delve deeper into sustainability and ideally make sales go hand in hand with the environment. As the expression by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. goes, “YOU want to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripple for change”.  


You’re probably asking “So where is all the profit?”. BeeCore firmly believes that success comes through giving back (Cheesy, I know. But why don’t you give it a shot?). See how much of a difference it actually makes, that's our challenge to you.  


Now if you're having troubles with keeping your B.E.E's(Business or Employees. We're fairly new with the Environment ourselves!) in check, feel free to schedule a 15-minutes discussion with us!