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6 Sales-Themed Podcasts To Add To Your List

November 12, 2021
6 Sales-Themed Podcasts To Add To Your List

Mark Hunter, a recognised voice in the realm of sales —author of A Mind for Sales and High Profit: Prospecting— says, “It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right”. It is imperative that when doing sales, one engages and tailors the necessary tools and skills to specific opportunities.

There is an endless amount of material to help with this, and it’s near impossible to consume them all. Here’s a curated list of our favourite Sales podcasts to add to your list.

1. The Sales Hacker podcast
Whatever your level of sales expertise is, this podcast will take it to the next! The Sales Hacker Podcast is a favourite among modern sales professionals seeking tips and tricks that are applicable today. The wide variety of episodes provide a series of actionable, practical lessons. The range of topics covered include lead generation, sales technology, sales psychology and more!

2. Sales Gravy
The Sales Gravy podcast, hosted by Jeb Blount, author of People Buy You, explores different facets of the sales process right from rejection to testimonials so you can secure bigger wins and gain better leads! Listeners of the podcast vouch for the quality of his content and knowledge on the subject. The Sales Gravy podcast will help you remain an effective and sharp sales representative.

3. Conversations with Women in Sales
Hosted by Lori Richardson, this podcast showcases women who have have made their mark in the world sales. The content scope is diverse and listeners benefit from various tips, tricks, strategies , and advice from experienced practitioners . This podcast is a brilliant platform to showcase the amazing strides women make, along with their insights, and wisdom. It is a podcast is for anyone who wants to learn, be empowered and get inspired.

4. The Salesman Podcast
The Salesman Podcast is a comprehensive and compelling resource for sales enthusiasts, providing contemporary sales solutions that are highly effective. The episodes cover a wide range of content spanning across various fields, with guest hosts from different industries; Nasa Astronauts to UFC fighters. Given its reliable and insightful content, it is no surprise that this podcast is the world’s most downloaded B2B sales podcast, an Apple award-winning show, and our CEO’s personal favourite!

5. B2B Growth Show
If you are a sales representative in a B2B setting, the B2B Growth Show offers a wide selection of topics that can help you understand the nature of B2B businesses. Such knowledge is important as it can inform your sales approach. The B2B Growth show offers everything you need to know about B2B marketing, the first step to becoming a high performing salesperson.

6. Honey Never Sleeps

While these are our favourite podcasts, there are many others that offer great sales content. BeeCore has just released its very own podcast, Honey Never Sleeps, hosted by Ben Bagg, founder and CEO of BeeCore. Ben is not only an experienced sales representative, but also a zealous entrepreneur. His knowledge on sales, lead generation, B2B marketing, and business administration radiates throughout the podcast. Respected guests on the podcast join Ben in deliberating and discussing a variety of topics on sales. Be sure to check out our podcast, available on Spotify!

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