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Make time your friend, not your enemy

March 11, 2021
Make time your friend, not your enemy

“Time is the culprit for our inefficiency”.

Time is the one to blame. Even though the clock gets reset daily, it always seems like we are behind. Work and life balance can be challenging, but once you make time your pal, everything else will start to fall into its place. You will always have new tasks, and you will never get everything done. Accept that you will only get 24 hours a day, and start planning the best way to utilise all the time at hand. To get the most out of 24 hours, it is vital to prioritise important tasks and do the following steps.  


1. Plan Your Day

Are you finding 24 hours insufficient? Plan your day before tomorrow comes! Put a block on your calendar and fill in the blanks with other activities that nurture you. At times, work can seem like the top priority, but most of us have more than one role in life. Maybe you are a father, a son, an entrepreneur and a husband. Plan and make time for each role every day, make sure you show up physically and mentally for each activity you set.  


2. Prioritising

We can't emphasize this more: You will never get everything done. When that idea sinks in, you’ll learn to start prioritising your tasks at hand. It is incredibly overwhelming to look at all the things you are supposed to do. To get things started most efficiently, dissect all your work into bite-sized chunks and complete one thing at a time by prioritising your tasks based on urgency. 


3. Remove distractions 

I'm sure some days you have your plan lay out nicely, but distraction happens! Especially with the virtual working environment, your plan might not be going as smoothly as you wished it to be. To get more things done, remove all distractions in sight, which may include disabling your social media notifications, your pet (sorry Toffee!) and that wonderful, cosy bed. Remove distractions and complete all your tasks. Start your day with a high spirit, elevate your energy and have fun with time! 

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