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Do personality tests really help with sales?

May 28, 2021
Do personality tests really help with sales?

The short answer is yes. But the long answer is take it with a pinch of salt. It is impossible to define and classify all human beings into specific types and groups. Just like you wouldn’t bet all your money on the accuracy of ‘Which The Office character are you’ quiz on the internet, neither should you throw all your weight behind psychology tests when it comes to your sales and lead generation strategy. Rather, use it as a tool, rather than a rule for observing and analysing behaviour in the workplace and business situations.  


Type in DISC Theory and Myers Briggs Type Indicator into your Google search bar and you’ll be spoiled for choice with the number of links and websites promising you the key to the answer of all life’s questions. Jokes aside, there’s multiple reasons why these tests are so popular:  

1) They’re fun to do 
2) It doesn’t hurt  
3) They provide possible insight to human behaviour 

Even the biggest skeptic wouldn't be able to refute our fascination with these tests, and with a customer-facing job such as sales, we see all the above as a plus. Here are 3 more reasons why: 


  1. Helps one to understand self 

Before applying any principle on other people, it’s best to test it on yourself first. For starters, you can measure it for its accuracy, and piece together the psychology and reasoning behind the theories of these “types”. And just like your horoscope reading, sharing the results can be a good conversation starter. 



   2. Aids in understanding others 

The DISC Theory provides a model that identifies behavioural styles to facilitate interactions with people. Keyword here is interactions. There’s a reason why the Sandler sales model swears by it. It’s really ‘not what you say, but how you say it’, as the popular phrase goes. And in the realm of sales, this can teach you to how to tailor your approach to a specific customer or “types” of customers. 



3. Assists in understanding motivations

Knowing what your customer wants is very important in well as their pain points. You’ll know which areas to focus on and pitch those ideas, while also having a guide on what to avoid in order to perfect your sales strategy. 


Has a personality test ever helped you in a work situation?

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