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Adding more touchpoints to the sales journey in 2021

January 14, 2021
Adding more touchpoints to the sales journey in 2021

Finding new prospects is bloody hard, so you need to consider multiple techniques when trying to get a hold of potential clients. By using multiple touchpoints for your follow ups, you can increase your chances of a successful connect. Adding multiple touch points to your strategy is pretty simple, however it is key for you to attempt to deliver value at each step.  

In 2021 there are a lot of different channels you can use to connect with your prospects. So, it is crucial for you to choose the right path when connecting with your specific ideal customer, and changing the conversation depending on where it is being held. 


Conversations on different channels 

1. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is fast becoming the most used sales tool on the planet. It has enabled sales teams globally to within moments connect with potential customers anywhere in the world. However, most sales teams are just carpet bombing their connections with “we do this, buy it!” messages. Due to this type of behavior the conversion of a new connection to a real lead is very slim, which means we have to find new ways to stand out from the crowd. 

To stand-out we need to focus on creating meaningful content and sharing value to our connections at every conversation point, whether we are commenting on a post, or sharing an article in private, we must focus on them the customer, and their challenges, not on what we do ourselves. 

One learning to take from this blog today is that any work you do on LinkedIn must be done with meaning, and not just “send 100 of the same messages to my connections”. 


2. Email 

We have been spam emailing each other for decades, but the best sales people know that just like with LinkedIn we need to find ways to deliver value and stand-out from all of the “look at me” messages. One of the best things about emailing is that its instant, we don’t need to wait for someone to accept a friend request to send them an email, so it still stands as one of the most used channels in the world. 

When emailing your next prospect, instead of saying “we do this, this is why you should buy from us”. Try talking about your leads industry challenges, and offer advice on how to resolve them. Always look at how you can help your lead, without talking about yourself. That’s what everyone else does, and that doesn't make you stand out at all. 

If you then combine your email into a sequence, with a few steps going out to a prospect every 3-4 days, that has a different piece of value each time, in combination with your LinkedIn strategy, you start to become of useful to your prospect and not just a pesky salesperson.   


3. Phone Calls   

Cold calling is as nearly as old as the dinosaurs! Some people say its dead, but the reality is, it’s the fastest way to pitch your customer. However today, it shouldn’t be your first touch point, it should be one of the mid-last.  

Showcase some value to your leads digitally first, then use the content you have delivered as a compelling event (or reason) to pick up the phone. This way your cold call becomes slightly warm, and you’ll start to see a lot more conversion from this channel. 



If you are to take anything from this post today, it is to slow down, take your time in building a relationship with your prospects, and add additional touch points to your sales process, instead of going from cold call to not interested, go to LinkedIn, LinkedIn, email, email, email, call, SALE.

At BeeCore we help our customers develop and, in most cases, implement a solid strategy that is not focused on your business but on your ideal customer, and why they should be speaking to you. Schedule some time with us today if you’d like to see how we can help you create a winning process. 


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