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7 Pillars of Attractive Messaging

July 06, 2021
7 Pillars of Attractive Messaging

What makes a great email? In the world of cold outreach, it's quite simple: An email that’s been read. Think of it from your recipient’s perspective, they’re at work and are probably on auto-pilot mode. What you want to do is to get their attention and then hold it until you get your full message across. Here are 7 ways to do that: 


1. Make the most out of your subject line

Truth time: Your email will be one of the many that your prospect will see in a day. Think of the subject line as first impression. So, make it count! Use a line that is intriguing and will compel them to open your email. 


2. Discuss your prospect, not your product

Hurrah, they’ve opened your messsage! Now that you have them here, you want them to keep reading. Avoid getting into a story about yourself, your job and your company. Instead, flip the switch and start the conversation about them. In your email, worry about their world, not yours.  

3. Make the prospect the hero 

Be a fan of your prospect and talk all about them. Make them feel good about themselves! For example, “Hey Daniel. I was on LinkedIn and came across your profile. I noticed that you’re passionate about mental health in the workplace. I think that’s very important especially in this social climate after COVID-19”.

4. Focus on their pain points  

Now move on to how you can help them! What pains can you alleviate and make their job (and lives) easier? Here’s where you slide in with your products and services. 

5. Stay relevant  

You know when you’re having a conversation with someone about something specific, and they rope in a subject completely out of topic? Yeah, don’t do that! Keep to the point and stick to your message predicated on buyer persona outreach. Talk about the subjects and numbers that matter to them.  

6. Keep it short and sweet 

One word: Brevity. Never use 7 words when 4 will do 

7. A good email reads like a story 

...which is held together by connecting the premise and the body of your email with your call-to-action. All the key points flow together with effortless fluidity. But remember, the context must be clear and easy to read!


Want to know more about how to craft an attractive message? Watch Founder Ben Bagg discuss this in detail below!


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