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Outsource Your Lead Generation To Us


Start optimising your sales team. Get past the hassle of cold calling and let us do the hard work. BeeCore will search for the right leads for your sales pipeline so you can close deals.




Our robots ensure that your lead generation programme is on auto-pilot, but a human takes over once a lead is ready to talk.

Just A Human

Just A Human

We create a personalised lead generation campaign, that combines multiple channels such as LinkedIn, email and telephone calls.

Big Accounts

Big Accounts

We have a strategy to reach your ideal leads; from difficult-to-reach national customers to large global markets.

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Our Beehive

Our Beehive

Just like worker bees, who are highly driven and laser focused, we are always buzzing to bring you the best results. Held together by a strong team community, comprising of a hive of like-minded individuals, we strive to bring you the honey.

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B2B Sales Done Right

We reach out to your ideal dream clients and close appointments for you. Here's how we do it:

B2B Sales Done Right

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This is what our customers get in return

When you start a lead generation campaign with BeeCore, it's important to think about what your results could look like. Here's what our averages are:


Our average customer sees a 30x ROI on their first month's campaign. However, this depends on your average sales cycle.


Open rates when customers activate their RoboHuman campaign with us.


Is how much we help our customers earn each year in new revenue!